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LIT Agency is not for the faint of heart. We thrive on unapologetic creativity to launch bold, in-your-face campaigns that grab attention and spark intense conversations. Our team of mavericks and disrupters sets trends that catapult brand awareness and drive explosive growth.


In a crowded market, LIT Agency is the force that transforms brands into legends, turning heads and breaking barriers, every step of the way.


Get the conversion you've been looking for with our services:

Influencer Identification & Contracting

Get ready to elevate your brand with influencer marketing. We'll strategically pair you with influencers who resonate with your target audience, creating authentic content that drives buzz and builds trust. 

We take care of all the heavy lifting, including contract write-ups, deadlines, and deliverables.

Let's get LIT!

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Maria Stasek
Sophisticated Stature

The absolute best in the business.  LIT Agency's team of influencers kill every collab and I always look forward to seeing what they produce. This has been a valuable service to my small business. My follower list has been growing with real followers and the engagement on the posts is great! Definitely recommend LIT Agency a thousand times over

GenX Refined.JPG

Mike Reilly

GenX Refined

Starting a new apparel brand is not easy. Finding someone to trust to run your social media is even harder. That was until I found Hope. (No pun intended). From the first intro call we had I knew this team was going to do great things and they did not disappoint. If you are looking to not only elevate your social media presence but also learn a ton I highly recommend giving this team a try.

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Marty Johnson
The Spice Project

I approached LIT Agency with a general idea of how I wanted to market my business, but no real idea on how to approach it. I spoke with a representative who guided me through the whole process and even recommended some influencer marketing to take my content to the next level! They made the entire experience so easy and handled all communication with the influencers on my behalf.

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Jarad DeLorenzo
Jack Snaps Threads

Working with Hope has been an absolute dream for my brand. Hope's professionalism and creativity have significantly boosted the visibility of my (brand), leading to increased inquiries and sales. In a world where online presence is paramount,  Hope has indeed provided what her name suggests - Hope for small businesses like mine to thrive and reach wider audiences. The investment in her marketing expertise has indeed paid off, and I am excited to see my brand grow with her support.

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Rubi Rodriguez
Moxie Creative Studios

My agency had the pleasure of working with Hope on a recent project and we were blown away by her acumen and expertise! Not only was she professional, thoughtful and creative, she also delivered above and beyond what our contract detailed. We’re very eager for the opportunity to collaborate with Hope and LIT Agency again!

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