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5 Steps to Approaching Brands

So you want to be an influencer. Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular as brands look to leverage social media to reach wider audiences. However, while influencers have the potential to have a massive impact on a brand's success, it’s imperative they go about the process in the right way, to ensure the relationship is successful. Here are the best practices to follow, in order to build strong and beneficial relationships with brands:

1. Research Your Brand: Before trying to approach a brand, it’s important to do some research to understand what the brand stands for and who their target audience is. Once you’ve gained this understanding, you can tailor your pitch and make it clear why your content, followers and audience will be beneficial for the brand. 

2. Look at the Brand’s Previous Partnerships: Studying what the brand has previously done, in terms of partnerships and influencer collaborations, is a great way to start the pitch. It’s important to show the brand how your content is different from what’s already been produced, and explain how this can help them achieve their goals. 

3. Highlight Your Credibility: Brands want to work with influencers who have strong, loyal audiences and a commitment to creating high quality content. An easy way to tell that story is through data (followers, reach, engagement rates, and content quality).

4. Get a Feel for the brand’s Interests: Not all brands are looking for the same thing, so it’s important to get an understanding of the type of content they’re looking for and their engagement goals. Show the brand you’re a good fit by giving examples of how you can tailor your content in order to meet their specific goals. 

5. Have a Plan and Deliverables: Demonstrate that you’re professional and organized by coming to the conversation prepared with a plan, budget, timeline and deliverables. Show the brand how you can help them achieve their specific goals by providing tangible results. 

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make strong impressions with brands and prove that your content and audience will contribute to their success. With the right approach, you can build relationships with brands that are beneficial for you both.


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