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LIT's First Tour: Rochester, NY: DAY 1 & 2

Just over a year since the Local Influencer Tour hit the ground running and we're only just getting around to writing about our first tour. It's been a whirlwind of a year, and LIT has grown faster than we could have ever imagined.

LIT's first tour began in Rochester, NY in September of 2022. An all-inclusive, three-day event, featuring 15 brands and five local influencers, every hour of the tour was packed with content creation. Let's dive into the itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival :

We arrived at our cozy, yet modern, Airbnb in Canandaigua, NY. FLX Hillside Farmhouse has four bedrooms (two of which have private bathrooms) and a pull-out couch, perfect for get-togethers and small reunions. The house itself is a complete dream, with a giant porch, beautiful kitchen, two living rooms, and all the conveniences of home.

Step outside to views of a sweeping Weeping Willow and vast fields. Enjoy walking trails, a fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs, and an above-ground pool.

We spent the first night touring the grounds and getting to know one another. Then we sat down to enjoy a delicious, homemade dinner, using Spice Project Seasonings. Spice Project blends are all-natural and small-batched for freshness. Dinner included baked carrots with the Brown Sugar Pork Rub and roasted chicken, covered in the Rosemary Herb Blend. Just look at this DELICIOUS array of food.

Each influencer was surprised with a Swag Bag, filled with merch and products from local brands, including natural deodorant from Mona Moon Naturals. Mona Moon Naturals carries a variety of body products that are free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Ten percent of their profits go to support the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.

DAY 2:

Wake up call was at 7 am sharp. We had a quick breakfast, hopped in the car, and were at Joe Bean Roasters by 10 am.

10 AM:

We were absolutely spoiled with a tour of Joe Bean Roasters, where we learned in full detail how their coffee was roasted and sorted. We were also given a coffee tasting and learned about the differences in various methods of brewing. Needless to say, we were hyped up on caffeine before it was even noon!

Joe Bean Roasters is a B Corp Certified business, which means you can be sure all of their coffee is ethically sourced from farmers who adhere to organic, sustainable practices.

12 PM:

By noon, we landed our caffeinated team at Pourin' Joy for a quick cocktail (or two?). Although it originally opened as a 90's-themed bar, Pourin' Joy has quickly become a bit more all-encompassing, with a wide age range of patrons and a variety of music genres playing while you indulge during Happy Hour.

2 PM:

Two o'clock brought us to The Classic for a light lunch. The Classic is one of those amazing restaurants where you can dine all dressed to the nines... or in jeans and a tee. You'll always feel welcome and you'll never leave feeling dissatisfied. Their menu is mouthwatering and their cocktails are some of the best in the city. The owner, Drew, even let us get behind the bar and have some fun!

4 PM:

By 4 pm, it was time to burn off some calories at ROC City Circus, where we tested our limits on the Flying Trapeze. This was a first-time experience for all of the influencers and we all walked away feeling empowered. ROC City Circus also offers classes in hoop, bungee, dance, and more.

7 PM:

After all the hard work on the trapeze, we were all starving and anticipating dinner at CRISP, where we felt like royalty as we were wined and dined with hearty plates of what can only be described as gourmet-meets-comfort food. The ambiance was chic and the owners greeted us with genuine smiles and toasted to a successful LIT Tour. There was even a selection of alcohol-free cocktails. No, we don't mean "mocktails." We mean an Old Fashioned with actual, alcohol-removed, whiskey.

9 PM:

The last stop of the day was Recreo, where we were able to partake in chaotic fun, as we happily demolished wine bottles and appliances in their smash room. They were more than accommodating, letting us suit up (for safety) and take our time filming content as we picked out our weapons of choice and went at inanimate objects as though we were in the Purge.

11:30 PM

By the time the day was over, we were all exhausted and still had to get a solid night's sleep in order to wake up well-rested for Day 3 of the tour...


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